5. ožu 2006.

Raven's Sky

I always wanted to get a raven.
Real little raven, to raise it and learn it how to fly, so it can come back to me.
Perhaps I wanted a raven because I wanted to fly… Black wings to carry me high in the sky, towards the sun, the moon and the stars. Above all my fears and beneath my love.

I will get a raven one day. I promise.
I dreamt of a black bird on my back. I woke up and I knew.
The bird was dreaming of me, too.

I was watching the sun all my life, suddenly I looked down to the ground, and saw a snake.
The snake was careless and cold, yet cheerful.
I asked her, "You are on the ground all your life. Twisting, stretching, but never leaving its hard embrace. How come you are so happy, don't you want to see more of your life?"
The snake was staring at me.
„Snakes are made to be venom and life of this ground. Who are you to ask why is that so? You poor little human, lost in your own dreamland... You will neither touch the sky, nor taste the ground. I feel sorry for you.”
I was confused.

The sun was slowly approaching the horizon of the day.
The bird disappeared in the sunset.
The snake was gone away.
I was all alone again.
One day I woke up and realised I was daydreaming. I wandered, „What will hapen when the dark falls?“ And the night fell on my shoulders, covered my hair, my pillow and my slippers. It is happening all the time since then. Daydreamer... Facing the night. Facing it's own dreams.

Autor: Ana Stojanović



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